Eco Ceiling Conservatory Roofs in Hull & East Yorkshire

The Eco Ceiling is an excellent value for money solution for your existing conservatory which can be installed in just a couple of days.

We can, with very little hassle and disturbance, install a fully insulated plastered ceiling inside your existing conservatory roof in just 2 days, which will effectively eliminate those dreaded seasonal temperature fluctuations and give you full seasonal climate control of your conservatory for the first time, as heat will no longer leave during winter months or build up during summer months. Better sound proofing is also achieved from rain and wind and the removal of glare a thing of the past, you will be able to at last to make the most of your conservatory whenever you like.

The Process

A – Your existing conservatory polycarbonate or glass roof is checked for leaks or external problems. If any issues these are remedied prior to starting any internal works.

B – Treated timber batons are installed in a precision sequence directly onto the underside of your existing roof spa’s in preparation for the insulation. Ventilation holes are installed into the ring beam to ensure the structure can effectively breathe thus safeguarding against condensation.

C – The Super multi layered insulation quilt is then installed to cover the entire underside of the conservatory ceiling. The unique, total energy efficient super quilt insulation is equivalent to having 120mm Kingspan insulating boards but is designed specifically for insulating conservatory roofs and is fully compliant with building regulations.

D – Wiring for any lighting configurations may be added at this stage should you wish in preparation for any contemporary lighting options we can offer like spot down lights for example

E – A second treated timer baton framework is installed which provides the secure fixing for the insulated 12.5mm foil backed plasterboards that will form the internal ceiling. This ceiling once boarded will follow your existing roof shape once installed

F – Our expert installation team will then complete the ceiling with a plaster skim, ensuring that the overall finish of the ceiling is smooth and attractive.

G – The entire conservatory is thoroughly cleaned inside and out including all frames and glass.

The End Result

Our Eco cost effective Ceiling upgrade will transform your conservatory dramatically into a comfortable living space you can use throughout the year GUARANTEED!